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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Federer didn't like the idea of blue clay either and voiced the opinion in 2009:
Yeah, he didn't favor it, but when it came time to play he played and didn't whinge about it. He's not whinging about surfaces now either. He was simply asked what he thought about surface speed by a journalist in a press conference and gave his honest answer: the current homogeneously slow courts favor defensive play more than attacking play. We already knew that. Further, we know from recent results that faster surfaces would probably be good for his career at this point, and would probably be bad for Nadal's. Clearly, if every tournament was played on clay it would be great for Nadal. And if every tournament were played on fast, low-bouncing courts it would be great for Federer.

Fed is not saying get rid of clay, he's just saying that if a greater variety of hardcourt surface speeds were used at different tournaments it would promote a greater variety of playing styles, and therefore, possibly, a larger pool of players would have greater success on tour than is happening now. What's your problem with this, exactly? Nadal will still have his claycourt season fief.
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