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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
didn't the british have some good results in the juniors in the last 2 seasons?
oliver golding won the 11 USO and liam broady reached a final in 11 wimby. kyle edmund is a good young guy too.

I know most juniors don't make it to the top but if one of them makes it the brits might have a good DC team.

now they are 17-19 years old so if they hurry up they might still get a year or so with prime andy murray or slightly past prime but still dangerous murray (if he stays healthy).
Yes, you're right that Great Britan has some hopeful players coming up. I was just admiring "kishnabe" sense of humor on Lendl's percentages conversation. The chances of Great Britan (currently) taking on Spain, Czech Republic, Argentina, even the U.S for the Davis Cup might seem understanably humerous and over ambitious. The thought of Lendl (or anyone else) making a public goal like this is worthy of a good laugh... thats all.
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