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I understand what you're saying, but you started the thread talking about CoF. What I'm suggesting that there are many factors at play here, not just CoF and softness.

If you want a gut + poly stringbed that's soft that's really not difficult to find. If you want a slippery poly, that's not difficult to find either. If you want a poly that has both, that's not difficult to find either. What I'm saying is that neither of those factors are determinative of outright performance or playability. One really needs to also take into account tension loss, stiffness over time, resistance to going dead etc. Really depends what's most important to you and what playability factor(s) you want to compromise on.

I have to say that I don't find 4G stiff. It's firm and it doesn't have much give but oddly - and this surprised me - it doesn't feel uncomfortable on the arm. My initial hitting with it was as a full bed with racquet with an RA over 70. Maybe the racquets you tried were strung to tight or were the stiff Babolat jarring type of sticks, but arm discomfort, I haven't detected any so far, though I've only been hitting with it for an hour or so. I can't imagine how adding gut mains would make arm unfriendly when its going to be gut mains doing the vast majority of the donkey work on groundstrokes.

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