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Originally Posted by Ico View Post
Brace yourself. Couch warriors here at TT are way more qualified about this subject than silly Boris Becker. Vamos.
Oh, aren't we sarcastic today?

Well I'm going to do just that. Nadal and Djokovic aren't good on fast surfaces, but they aren't dismal either.

Nadal would have destroyed the clay scene as he does now. No reason to think anything has changed. He wouldn't win Wimbledon, because he couldn't get past the likes of Ivanisevic. However, there's no reason to think he'd bomb out completely. He's an acceptable volleyer and has fantastic instincts. He also happens to be the passer. Ever. He could potentially become one of the best volleyers if he adapted his style to the game. Likewise, he can hold his own on the hard courts. He never wins Cincy and WTF, but he doesn't exactly lose first round, does he? No reason that would change.

Djokovic has just won WTF. He's still one of the best hard-courters in the game, no matter what era. He would fare worse than Nadal, who has the game to beat the S/V types, but there is no denying his greatness.
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