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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Great points and questions from all. It just seems strange to change the rules in the middle of someones career.

I like Boxing analogies, if in 1963 they changed from 20X20 rings to say 10X10 Ali wouldn't be the greatest, in fact we'd never had heard of him, all of the slugger/brawlers would win those matches.

It just seems a pity, I may be wrong, but the guy up two posts it seems point is undeniable, if they had kept the faster surfaces, he would have a handful more of Slams, which is a hugh amount. I think it's also a testiment to his ability, that is starting as a hard court Serve and Volleyer to a all court player and still dominate.

And yea would Nadal be NADAL? I don't know why there is not more discussion on this.

Pretty selfish for the promoters slowing down the courts for the fans sake, personally I don't like the long baseline ralleys, and I probably have half of the fans on my side. It's like "Well we need to see more knockouts to please the crowds, let's make the rings smaller"
well the problem was that in the 90s we didn't see short rallies but mostly aces and service winners. those ace fests by becker, goran, sampras or krajicek were really not good to watch. they had to slow down the courts.

in the 70s those courts were OK but when modern rackets, bigger players and modern swing mechanics came in the game there was too much power. courts were made for wood rackets and not 140 mph serves and 100 mph FHs.

however while I think the slowing down was necessary I think they went a little too far. they should only have slowed down them a little but not so much.

I don't really care whether fed or nadal win or lose more slams due to the surface. I'm more a player than a fan and whoever deals best with the given conditions deserves the win. fed did plenty well with today's surfaces he cannot really complain about them.

however I do think that some more one dimensional power servers like kraji or goran would not have won today and guys like isner or roddick might have won back then.

but if you are a versatile player like fed you can win on all kind of surfaces for him it does not make a big difference because he can play all kind of styles.
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