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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
Nah, I think that if Ms. Nadal is the double account of someone, is of some Fed fan, not Bulzilla's.

Lol, I guess he probably said it, but two things:

One of the links is in German. I don't speak much German, but I'm pretty sure it says he will play again in early 2013.
Another link is mainly in Mallorquin.

It does seem he said they expected Nadal to go back to training in 10 to 15 days (which would have been like a month ago?) "if everything goes well" (maybe it didn't?), but are we sure that by "training" they mean on a tennis court?, because Rafa himself has used the word "training" several times to refer to gym work.

BTW, in the video it's funny the reaction he gets when he says Cristiano Ronaldo's problem is to not have accepted Messi is quite a bit better. A laud murmur and laughs. Not a very Real Madrid friendly place it seems .

He was in Germany promoting something(I don't know what)which is where they did an interview with him. He did say 10-15 days he would be back on court,just as he has said it multiple times.

Originally Posted by Ms Nadal View Post
I am a Rafa fan! And bigger than all of you on here! Stop saying all this trash about me! Gee! Why all this insistence of me being someone else? I will never know. I am just a Rafa fan! Time for this palava to stop man. Give me a break. Rafa is my favourite, don't care about the others. I can't say anymore, stop posting it. All you people are Fed fans, not me! Gosh! This stops here now! So all of you non believers think it but stop posting it! Don't discuss me cos I never discuss you! It's a tennis forum not an imposter shoot shop!

The bolded made me
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