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Originally Posted by Satsuma Illini View Post
The JSM Challenger is being played in Champaign this week. All nine present Illini and two former Illini are in the tournament. After qualifying, Dennis Nevolo and Tim Kopinski are in the main singles draw, while Nevolo/Ruben Gonzales, Kopinski/Farris Gosea and Jared Hiltzik/Alex Jesse are in the doubles main draw.

Also, former Illini Rajeev Ram is the second seed in the Keio Challenger in Yokohama, Japan.

Tourney Reports
I was there for the Hiltzik/Guccione qualifying singles match. I believe Hiltzik got up in the first 5-2 on Guccione with some ridiculously deft passing shots. Guccione simply had no answer up to that point. All of sudden, Hiltzik just stopped defending and attacking the way he had been for most of the set and ended up taking it in tie-break. Needless to say, if he plays during the dual season the way he played most of that set and continues to improve, I believe he'll be a top collegiate player.

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