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Originally Posted by lcalamar View Post
I just busted through my Pac Nat Gut 17g - in 6 hours play... saw heavy wear after just 2 hours... I must be doing something wrong...
- I'm still learning how to string gut - I'm assuming any kinks I inadvertently get - may be a root cause of durability issues?
- would switching to 16g help much?
- Would switching to the Tough Gut help - and if so - what is the downside (other than cost)
- I hit aggressively -and on a bad day will have several mis-hits. can that be a bigger issue with gut?
- if that is the case why would I be having much less durability with gut over non-gut?

Any other thoughts (refer to my previous picture).. I love this setup - but seem to be having huge durability (in other words - cost) issues... HELP!
What racquet are you using?

What is your tension? What is your CROSS string?

If you are using a textured cross string and/or string the poly above 48 lbs, that is likely your problem.
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