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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
No, you are, imo, correct. If you look at the way pros start practice or warmup rallies, they don't start them with hard hit shots. People who start rallies with 'rockets' either can't control the way they hit the ball, or don't understand how to build to a rhythm in practice and warmup exchanges.

When confronted with players who start out hitting their hardest, most extreme, shots in a warmup or practice rally I usually just walk to the net and tell them that we will build up to hard hitting, but for the first 20 or so shots it's helpful to just relax, and hit easily down the middle concentrating on technique, control, and hitting a ball that will be easy for the other player to return in a similar manner.

At my level it's often a problem, because at my level most players just don't have very good control.
Great point, yea watch one of many of Feds practice, they warm up, hit back and forth, kind of do drills at medium speed, then come to the net, the practice overhead shots, the idea is to practice, not hit winners on every shot.
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