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Originally Posted by dimeaxe View Post
I remember how many big points these s/v players have lost rushing to the net, and not trying to construct one point from the baseline.I remember them doing that in situations even if it didn't have any sense.I understand people who don't like endless baseline game, but on the others hand it's a great way to disturb other player's rhythm on his service game.If you jerk him around the court, it's a great possibility that's he's going to miss some first serves, it's even more effective against big guys.
The whole point, that the proponents of the return of the fast surfaces are making is, that a balance between slow, medium and fast/ultrafast surfaces should be struck, so that the coaches and younger players are stimulated, to develop a multifaceted games and a variety of styles.

It was never an intention to create a Tour, dominated solely by fast surfaces or S&V tennis, as some people here are implying.
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