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I was diagnosed with hypertension in my 30s while I was struggling to finish my MA, and deal with the rigors of new parenthood. I was put on a daily beta blocker, advised to change my lifestyle and diet. I was taken off medication a few years later.

I'm 54 now, and had another episode of high blood pressure this year. I had a rough, stressful year during which I finished my PhD and ended up getting saddled with more work at school, witnessed a friend die on court from a heart attack, and passed out one day while taking out the garbage. My BP was about 160/100 for a week after the passing out incident. After tests, my doctor said its a good thing I get exercise, or else it would have been much worse. This time, I'm now on "Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers" and a children's aspirin daily, indefinitely or when I'm told to stop. Now a steady 120/80.
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