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Originally Posted by BauerAlmeida View Post
Another One Bites The Dust is not even a Top 30 Queen song.

If you're going to judge a band, do it based on their best stuff, not by a mediocre 3 chord song. 90% of songs written by Mercury or May are better than that one. Deacon was never a great songwriter, although he did write some nice songs (Spread Your Wings, or Best Friend).

And what's wrong with Kansas?? They're a fantastic band.
It was one of their biggest hits though. The band didn't really like however, it barely made it on to the album. The only reason it was ever released as a single was because Michael Jackson suggested it.

But yeah, Mercury and May were the primary song writers for Queen. Songs like Bohemian Raphosdy and Somebody to Love, had enormous complexity to them.
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