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Originally Posted by NadalDramaQueen View Post
That is good to know. I am trying to figure out what you're even getting at with this issue.

Is it your hypothesis that hard courts (let us pick the AO and the USO as examples) have not gotten slower over the years (defined in a way that is independent of what racquets or balls are used), but that the new racquets/strings have made them appear that way?
For the most part, yes, that is my point. There's this, and the fazing out of carpet courts so that they are no longer on tour. Making certain tournaments compulsory has also changed the dynamic of the way the tour works in terms of there now being a lot less "surface specialists" than in the past. In the 1990s, for example, players could go off on their own personal schedules and pack their calendar with clay-court tournaments, for example, or skip Wimbledon altogether. This doesn't really happen now.

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