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Originally Posted by dimeaxe View Post
I'm supporting this whole idea, for sake of tennis, and to prevent injuries, but i said in another post that's a hypocritical statement from Roger to do this and man himself has greatly benefited from removing fast carpet and this whole process...I mean after 17 GS and many other records, very smart from Roger to say that.
Federer can play on fast and ultrafast surfaces. He has proven it. So, it is a speculation, that he has benefited from the slowing of the surfaces, that only cannot be immediately refuted only because of the fact, that he hasn't played enough on such surfaces.

Also, it is important to be understood, that he is not doing this for himself. His career will be finished in 3-4 years from now. The current speeds were acheived within 5-6 years. It may very well not be also for Djokovic, Nadal etc.

One more thing. I believe, that Federer is thinking about the future of the game. What we have now shortens careers or even destroys them, before they even start. Grindfests are detrimental to the young tennis players and at the moment the surfaces allow exactly that.
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