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Ideally, you want to give medium pace shots within the strike zone of the other player initially, and work your way up in both pace and width of the court.

Funny story, a while back, one guy ask me to rally with him(I was practicing against the wall), which is fine. But off my feed, he was taking a full cut at the ball going for winners on both sidelines. At times when I do retrieve the ball, I would send it back to the center - and again he would blast it to the corners.
I asked him can we just rally down the middle - and he said that's not how he plays and all the other folks that he hits with play with hit the same way. Hmm. I fed him four balls, and he took full cut at it again - #1 - landing wide on the right, #2 landing wide on the right, #3 - wide to the left, #4- center but long.
I didn't need the frustration - told him I'm not here to feed him balls, and retrieve it for him, and started to pack up my stuff. All the while, he's complaining that I have an attitude problem, that I think I'm better than he is, etc.
It's the only time I walked off a court. I guess I'm just getting old and not willing to put up with the BS anymore. I rather hit against the wall then deal with all this drama.
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