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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
the PST has a high SW which is a detriment on the serve. I usually used the PSLGT but pulled out the PSTs when I needed a boost in power. The PSLGT is a serve monster because the SW is so low and you can really rip the racquet through the swing.

The PSLGT plays well at low tensions with multis so there is a little more power to be had there. I had both in my bag until I started getting a little TE and have since changed to the PK Ki5 which seems to be right in the middle between the PST and the PSLGT.
I'm planning on the ltd gt so I will make the switch and I tension it at 38-40
I overall play better with a k90 butcher ltd seemsway more forgiving on stiffness
Well if you plan on selling your ltds let me know haha
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