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Originally Posted by topspinlob View Post
I saw that you have youtube video showing your playtests... so how did you like the rackets?

I am thinking of getting a TC100 in the heaviest wt and least headlight balance to match my customized EXO3 Graphites 100 (12.3 oz 5pts HL)...
I haven't played TC100 a lot, but my player did. He tested 2 frames one is 300g, 330mm, 70RA, Blue and the other one is 310g, 315mm, 70RA, Red.

He likes to 310g better because of more head light balance. Even though the Blue is lighter, but the less head light doesn't really allow him to accelerate the head speed as good as the red one. I left the racquet with him for further playtesting and will share with you guys again.

For me, I really like the TC95 (16x19, 63RA, 310g). It has a huge sweet sot, and that makes it such a consistent hitting frame.
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