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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
I experimented with a lot combinations of lead on my Ki 5x including 3 and 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock, 3, 9, and 12 o'clock, and lead in the butt cap to counterbalance. I liked the way it played stock, and I really didn't have much of a reason to add weight other than seeing if it made an improvement. I did see some improvements in stringbed response, particularly with lead at 12 o'clock, but eventually I came to the conclusion that the stock racquet was fine and adding weight slowed down a frame that was already sluggish compared to my APDGT. All I add now is racquet head tape on the bumper guard, an overgrip, and an O-shaped dampener. If you use 1.5" Gamma racquet head tape, the weight is actually quite substantial (about 4-5 grams I think).

I really didn't have a problem making the transition from my APDGT. I think most people who like the Ki 5 are the type of players who take fast swings and generate much of their own power. When I took the same kind of swings with my APDGT, the ball would fly. Maybe your problem is a matter of style, which could mean getting used to the racquet or picking another frame with more power.

Personally, I thought the best place to add lead was at 12 o'clock with no counterweights because the racquet is plenty head light (I would consider the Ki 5 very head light also). However, just adding racquet head tape and an overgrip was enough for me.
Thanks Ramon for the detailed response. i have added some lead at 3/9/12 for now to see what improvements (if any) that might make. I prefer a lower powered frame which the Ki5 certainly is in relation to the PD. My issue is a lack of a solid feel which is very subjective.Bringing the balance point down a bit might help to increase the power level a tad. Will try with lead at 12 only too.
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