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Originally Posted by Gonzo_style View Post
I'm pretty sure that he will be playing in Miami and will probably skip Rotterdam.
I think he's got a contract with Rotterdam. Whether he has it or not they have confirmed it, they even had a video showing Fed and the tournament director talking about it. It's good preparation for him anyway for IW.

He can always just get a wildcard for the Masters I think. Skipping Miami won't hurt at all since he only has 45 points to defend there, plus Fed's record at Miami hasn't been good lately. Better to prepare for the clay season considering this year it was mediocre for him.

The schedule should be fine for him. The points for Doha, Miami, Olympics and Basel add up to 885, he should be playing Toronto this year and can easily make up for the loss points. Plus don't forget his USO QF is another potential spot to gain points. We all know that Fed wouldn't have jumped from #3 to #1 overnight if his 2011 Wimbly result was SF instead of QF.
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