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Originally Posted by Gonzo_style View Post
Can someone tell me, if Roger and many tennis fans don't like slow surface, then why did they slowed down all surfaces?
Watch the 1994 Wimbledon final between Sampras and Ivanisevic. It was a servefest for 2 sets, followed by a tanking by Goran in the third set as he ate a bagel. I had high hopes for a Goran victory after his brilliant semi final win over Becker, yet the final was a complete dud, showing the most dull side of 1990s grass-court tennis. The clay-court scene was full of epic rallies at the time, yet grass was getting more and more dominated by 1-3 shot rallies throughout an increasing number of matches. Now, grass-court tennis back then could be entertaining if there was many volleys and net play, but even that was being made more and more harder to do in the 1990s. At Wimbledon back then, I remember being in awe of serving, especially Goran's first serves, Sampras' clutch second serves, and Krajicek's draw dropping displays of serving precision in 1996. I even remember John Lloyd calling for grass-courts to be abolished for good due to the increasing dominance of powerful serves.

Clay-court tennis was about epic rallies, and getting engrossed in the battle. I found this to be by far the most entertaining section of the tennis tour, and it would go on for most of the year being shown on those old ATP highlights shows.

Originally Posted by jokinla View Post
All the more reason why it's laughable when people try and compare Laver and Fed, when Laver won 3 of his 4 that year on grass, as if Fed couldn't have done this many times over, much less once.
The grass-courts of Brisbane, Wimbledon and Forest Hills were all considerably different. Brisbane was high bouncing for a grass-court due to the Queensland heat, Wimbledon was low bouncing but at least it bounced okay, whereas Forest Hills was a bog of a court that barely bounced at all.
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