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I'd like to think a fencer has the advantage in speed, in and out, side to side, and quickness of strike. I came in 7th in StanfordU's, Novice competition, out of 400+ entries, my first semester, against 4th semester fencers.
A samurai would have more than twice the power, and less than half the speed, the sword being more than twice as heavy.
Conan would have every advanatage in power, and would always win if he could either first strike or counter, given enough time and speed. For sure, speed is a disadvantage, but intimidation factor the biggest advantage....along with biggest target (takes a big guy to wield that big sword).
Since I"m small and light (5'11" and 145lbs), maybe a cross between an epee and a samurai sword is most efficient. Something either two handed like a smaller Katana, or bigger one handed like a sabre from cavalry days.
Now would this also apply to tennis? The whole point to this otherwise senseless debate?
Using Aero500's now, but maybe a little too light for effective strikes against strong 4.0 opponents. Adding an oz for 11 oz, for slightly more power and penetration, and OS for bigger sweetspot... MicroGelRadOS.
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