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Federer is totally right. I dont understand why some of you think he is bitter. Faster court is something we demand for years, and now when Federer says it out loud somehow he is bitter?

Faster court is a must. I dont think it should be discussed anymore. Tennis becomes boring and boring with slow court and everyone play the same, 1-2 meters behind the baseline. Federer is only genius left in the world of gladiators. And it is not a good thing, at all.

One bigger thing I want to point out, that is tennis is dying with slow court. Boys born in the slow era like Nadal, Djokovic have the most benefits of it but also suffering, because they are burnt out quickly than before. And to counter that inevitable end, they demand shorter calendar year with much less tournament and two year ranking. That are all bad for tennis as a sport. Federer maybe is the only man understand bigger picture and try to prevent it. I dont understand I dont see any support for him in this important thing, instead you say he is bitter. WTF is that?
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