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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
The technology has led to serve and volley being close to extinction and the dominance of baseline play. That doesn't mean that different courts all have the same conditions, just that baseline play predominates everywhere.

We have had this conversation before and I do not think, that anything has changed. Go back and read all the discussions.

Also, this discussion is NOT about S&V. There is much more to a fast and low bouncing court than serve and volley.

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
You're misunderstanding me. There are still clear differences between the surfaces, which is why Nadal dominates on clay but not on hardcourts for exmaple, but that doesn't change the things I've said about the technology and the fazing out of carpet courts being the main factors in today's tennis play on the tour being different from the tennis play on tour in past eras.
We are talking about HC and grass, if I am not mistaken. Why the clay vs. HC argument keeps popping up in your responses is beyond me.

It is also beyond me, why you keep talking about carpet, when carpet is not presented on Tour at the moment and it has no place in that discussion (because there is nothing to compare there).

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Because there are clear differences between clay and hardcourts. I never suggested otherwise. I'm sorry if you got that impression, but that was never my point.
The same as above.

I am not talking about Nadal's success on clay vs. his overall success on HC. I am talking about his success on slow and medium HC vs. fast HC. There is a clear difference.

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
The modern technology compels players to stay on the baseline for the vast majority of the time, because of the power, spin, depth and authority in the rallies in today's game. This doesn't change the fact that the courts are different at each tournament, or even different courts at the same tournament. But baseline play does now hugely predominate at all tournaments, and it's mostly because of the technology in today's game.
You seem to think, that staying on the baseline is typical only for slow and medium HC, which is far from the truth. Even on the fastest HC can be and is rallied from the baseline. It is just that a much more penetrating balls can be fired for winners in such conditions. The modern technology is perfect for such play, but the speed of the courts doen't allow it.

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
What happened in Madrid this year was down to the surface, it was ridiculously slippery.
This is not an answer to my question.

Besides, are you suggesting, that the players couldn't find their shots, because of the slipperiness of the blue clay? And if you are not suggesting that, why are you talking about it, as though the slipperiness is responsible for what we saw?Because I sure as hell saw a lot of attacking play. From the baseline.
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