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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
anybody want BLXPROOPENs? think im sold on the igspeeds.
i give twmac buyer free dampener with purchase! WOO WOO
Originally Posted by PaulMan View Post
Hey Auzzie, Downs - thanks for letting me have my 15 mins of fame! It was fun!!! Nice frames Auzzie! Jealous...
wish we had more time!
Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post
i liked that radical you had! it was pretty money! my body hurts...i need a week off tennis...which will happen next week!
i liked all of Pman's frames as usual. The Radical and Tom's Machine felt really nice!
Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
Im glad i wasnt Invited cuz i was probably busy.
Sorry, just kinda happened by accident. I told you I'm reserving court time for your Sydney visit!
smart shoe guy and promiscuous racquet man- xisbum
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