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Originally Posted by mattennis View Post

When I watch Agassi, Martin, Chang playing in the US OPEN in the 90s, their average shots may have been slower than today (the court and balls were faster and after the bounce the balls did not sit up as today, it was more difficult to play on those former faster conditions), but you could see that when they had an easy ball, a ball that sit up after the bounce, they smack a flat shot that looked WAY FASTER than the average winner shots you see today. Todd Martin flat attacking shots, even Chang when he decided to smack a flat winner off of an easy ball, were absolutely impossible to retrieve, whereas today you see that it is much more difficult to hit a shot like that (because the balls are slower and they lose much more speed after the bounce today).
It is a sad thing, when I see the dynamic of a point being changed because 3 or 4 consecutive shots, that would have been clean winners on fast courts are being returned, like nothing has happened. The conditions are considerably slower now, compared to the 90ies, no matter what Mustard say and that has nothing to do with the technology and everything to the with the surfaces (and the balls, but that varies too much).
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