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Originally Posted by Roger Wawrinka View Post
^How do you start crosses (using a pro knot as an example) without pulling direct tension on it?
You know, if you have a machine with fixed clamps, you can use a finishing knot ( Pro Knot, Parnell, Or finishing knot of choice) without a starting clamp.
you 1st weave both top 2 cross strings, then set anchor clamp (machines fixed clamp) on 2nd cross string furthest away from tension head.
release tension, and now tension the 1st cross string by itself, clamp and tie off with finishing knot can use Pro knot, Parnell or finishing knot of choice.

Now weave 3rd cross, now tension 2nd cross and remove that anchor clamp, reclamp in normal position, and continue stringing as normal.
This works real well, you are not pulling against just a starting clamp,and no need to worry about banging into it later in the stringing process.
You are not pulling against a knot tied to another string or against a string that goes around 2 sharp bends that can be stressful with some thin multi strings or nat. gut, so all this is eliminated.

I submitted this to the USRSA a few years back, and they published it in RSI magazine, so it is an acceptable way to start cross strings.
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