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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
Well, he beat Sampras while S&Ving.

He also won his age group in Singles and in Doubles at Wimbledon.

We could safely assume, that he wouldn't have been too bad at it, couldn't we?
he won his first wimby s + v ing too

Like I said earlier, the only 2 guys in the open era which we can pretty much gaurantee can play in any era are Borg and federer for obvious reasons.

And all those novices who claim nadal would adjust...***** please. nadal's movement going forward is actually very mediocre probably due to his dodgy ankle that hinders him since 2005. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that nadal could be a great serve and volleyer.

nadal was groomed to be a spanish dirtballer and he is great at that. it is just that luck was on his side and he found himself on slow grass and slow hard courts.
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