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Actually, we know for sure that pronation adds to the swing speed, right?
So if you're hitting topspin second serves, with the exact same grip as you use for a flat first serve, won't you use LESS pronation, since you're trying to spin the serve by glancing at the top right of the ball? So you're holding back the pronation, which leads to less rackethead speed.
By using a slight twist of the grip from continental to just a little eBackhand, you can use your flat serve pronation swing, and hit a topspin serve using the pronation and added rackethead speed.
Lots, I'd say MOST, ATP pros adjut their grip slightly from flat first serves to heavy topspin second serves.
You can try it shadow swinging and LISTENING to the sound of your racket.

cool, i'll give it a try next time i'm on the courts and have time to practice serve. Maybe it'll help my 2nd serve out.

But for a slice serve, which I actually hit about 30-40% of the time, do you also do the slightly ebackhand grip? Or would u stick to the continental.

Does fed use it on his slice serves out wide? I tend to just go by what he does cuz it seems better than textbook. not to mention effortless.

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