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Originally Posted by winstonplum View Post
I mean, come on, we all have bad days, but show a little emotion. Poor Lopez was bobbing and dancing around, obviously trying to make the most of one of the biggest matches of his career, and Granollers had all the intensity of someone at a wake. Jesus, slam your racquet, throw it, bash it against your head a la Youznhy, just do something. Granners totally cost them that match. Does he always suck so bad?

Why does it matter if he's not slamming his racquet? That makes no sense. He's level-headed and a pro. He realizes sometimes you're having an off-day. How do YOU know what his physical/mental state was during the match?

I don't show any emotion when I win and I don't show it when I lose. Tennis is tennis. I like pros that keep their wits about them when they play. I hate seeing someone lose control during a match, even pros. Once you lose your mental control, you're finished.
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