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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
UW grads do better or are "viewed better" in various professional marketplaces than those from Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, USC, the Ivies, and other top colleges? This is what we are discussing, right?

If this is just someone's anonymous message board opinion, cool. If it is being represented as fact, can anyone post a link or citation? If I am misreading something, I'm sure I'll hear about it!

As far as the advice that kids should pick schools that will best help them achieve their career objectives......very insightful and perceptive.....I think we can all agree on that one.
No, that's not what I wrote or implied. Never said that. Here is what I wrote.

"Its generally in the top 50 American universities(#46). In the Pac 12, it ranks behind Stanford(#6), Cal(#21), USC(Tied #24), UCLA (Tied #24)"

I personally think UCLA is overrated but it doesn't matter. I think the above numbers are close enough. I suspect if you went program by program, UCLA might have the edge in some and UW might have the edge on others. I thought the discussion had morphed into what the definition of "academically prestigious" was.

And aside from being ranked 46, it is substantially ahead of all the other pac12 schools not lsited above
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