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Right now I would consider Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, and USC in the Pac-12 to have tennis recruiting advantages over UW both athletically and academically, based on subjective considerations. Welcome any objective information that would confirm or refute this
Academically, I basically agree with this, I would just add that UW is much closer to this group of schools, than they are to Arizona, Arizona State, and the balance of schools in the Pac-12. Some people my not consider it academically prestigious, fine, to each his own.

I dont think its a huge disadvantage, and I would also add that being extremely strong academically can present its own problems recruiting : I don't know if has been an issue in tennis, but I know in other sports Stanford has had problems getting some of its recruits academically eligible. While Stanford does have some leeway for athletes, its not as much as many people think. I suspect there are quite a few Blue Chips who would not qualify academically for Stanford. I suspect Cal has similar issues.
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