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Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
This guy at the courts needed someone to play when i got there and there was one court open. SO we go to hit. I knew I could beat him so I was content to just hit on the far side facing the sun which was I mean straight in your eyes. Then he wanted to play sets. Okay, fine, I win 60 60. After it's over, he doens't say well played. He waits a few minutes and goes into a shpiel about that he plays for fun and exercise, only been playing 4 years. So I comment yeah that's good so do I but to get better you have to have a strong will to win, a very strong desire to improve. Yadayada as I'm walking away after saying goodbye he mumbles something about losing 30 pounds and not caring if he wins or loses, and that ... "you're a pusher." Whoa. It's a snide put down of course, then I say, Yeah well I only needed to play my B game to beat you, I just played defense 90% of the time (with the sun in eyes on the one side) and waited for your error. And also that I've won several tournaments and you don't win tournaments by being just a pusher. After a few more heated words, calling me a braggart, he eventually said he didn't mean pusher as an insult that it was an honest mistake he's only been playing for 4 years. and that was about the end of it. The nerve of someone losing 60 60 and calling you a pusher. End of story )

Sore loser. If he can't deal with your consistency, then the guy just sucks. I love playing pushers, it gives me time to setup for all my shots and then finish up at net.
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