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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
Not sure I'd want that if I were a Chelsea supporter, watching John Guidetti bully your back 4 for 90 minutes whilst Torres has another poor game might up the depression rate a bit.

Seeing what world class strikers in Tevez and Aguero can do by getting a hat trick each as well as a brace from Dzeko off the bench should be nice for those having a day out at Stamford Bridge, wouldn't want to deprive them of that
It wouldn't be such a bad thing I wouldn't of thought, in the long run. Surely another blank from Torres, with the City forwards getting amongst the goals would be the final straw for Abramovich.

Maybe he is debating on waiting for the summer to get Falcao, it might be what's needed to go for it in January. It could be the difference between going deeper in the Champions League, cementing 3rd, winning a cup competition etc..

Hopefully we still get the 3 points next week, it would be good to go into the Christmas period with 3 teams all pretty close.
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