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If a guy can't win ONE game in twelve, does it matter what you are? He sucks bad. I could claw one game from a superior player just from him screwing around and getting lucky.

It's really hard to double-bagel a guy. This is just my thought and style. If I'm up 4-0, I'll start screwing around *and go for riskier shots and tactics because it would be difficult to lose. I have some fun with it.

I'm amazed a guy would get all bent out of shape about losing. He knows he's not in your class so should just take the lesson and be happy to have had the experience.

* Screwing around can be troublesome. Today in doubles we were up 4-0 then messed around until it became 6-6 and I was damned if I'd lose to an inferior pair and never live it down. We won 8-6. Had it been the other way around I'd have called them pushers. Just kidding! Had we lost I would have called myself a dumb ___ for not closing it out.
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