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Originally Posted by winstonplum View Post
Granted I don't watch a lot of him or doubles in general, but God, how many volleys can you dump into the bottom of the net. And when standing about a foot from the net! Every now and then you see a player that just makes you feel great about being a 4.0 hacker because you see the pro making the exact same mistakes as you do out on the muni courts. Volley long, volley into the net, volley into the net, volley long.

I mean, come on, we all have bad days, but show a little emotion. Poor Lopez was bobbing and dancing around, obviously trying to make the most of one of the biggest matches of his career, and Granollers had all the intensity of someone at a wake. Jesus, slam your racquet, throw it, bash it against your head a la Youznhy, just do something. Granners totally cost them that match. Does he always suck so bad?
As you said, you dont watch alot of Granollers. He played very well in London and if it were for his excellent play while Lopez at times struggled to hold serve, they would never have won the championship. I am assuming that Spain lost the doubles by your comments. However, I dont believe the Bird will beat Ferrer and there is no way Stepanek will beat Almagro. But we will see.
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