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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Muted how? Like Pure Drive muted? Or like exo3 muted?

Do you like your PK or Prince more? Ever played a dunlop? Sorry if you stated that in a previous post...

I have not been very fortunate with my dealings with the dunlop 300T, both the AG 4D and the I am wondering how the 100 is in either one of those...
Muted as in mushy, but that could very well be the gut/poly feel i'm getting.
I love both but the prince lets me access my whole game and i've only just broke it in. The PK is fantastic when i just want to bludgeon the ball down the line all day or when i'm volleying alot but the prince is better overall.

None of the current ones but I have an old Dunlop Revelation Tour Pro that my coach gave me a couple years ago. It was the first racket, second overall, that really clicked and the feel was crisp.
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