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Originally Posted by tennissavy View Post
How dare you say that to me. I have year of experience customizing racquets and I had never used silicone before. I followed the advice of more than one person on this board, to the last detail, and it ruined my racquet. I blame the bad advice on this board for it. The silicone never dried, only the outer quarter of an inch dried like the skin of a pudding. I wonder if the buttheads on this board ever tried delving into the silicone after thinking it was dry. I suspect that they assumed the entire thing was dry.
Pros put silicone into their rackets chief... you probably didn't do it right. No need to get heated. What racket was it? You should have done your first time on a racket you don't care about. Or found some cheap racket off the bay and experimented first.
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