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Originally Posted by nethawkwenatchee View Post
Quoted for truth. It's OK Batz, we know the truth on this matter. Anybody can youtube that US Open match and watch the first set alone (both players are fresh) and see Murray dictating play on a Nole who hadn't lost a hardcourt match in forever. Andy absolutely went for it and showed champion caliber will to win, in the toughest of conditions (against a proven champion)

Of course Nole was going to loosen up and play freely/agressively in the third and fourth sets (Hell, Murray came very close to getting back into it in the fourth and possibly closing it out then)

The fifth set is the absolute crown jewel in Andy's career (up until now). The fact that he was able to display absolute dominance in that situation proves (for the rest of Andy's life) that he earned it over the best, in the ultimate test situation.

No disrespect everyone else but Murray's first Grand Slam will go down as the BEST first win of any of the top four greats (first wins). Puerta (Nadal), Philippoussis (Federer), and Tsonga (Djokovic) were all players who had never been in a slam final, let alone Proven Champions like Nole. He had to get past a player of extreem confidence and expectation.

(By the way, all his other slam finals had been against Federer and Nole)
Not to nitpick, but Scud was in a USO final previously.

But your point still stands, Murray definitely had the toughest opponent. Novak hadn't lost a hardcourt match since the 2010 USO, where he lost in the final. Murray was up against the most dangerous hardcourt player of this year, hands down.
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