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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
So you're saying if you were rich you wouldn't still try to make more money?

I'll call your bluff on that.

Get off your high horse and stop acting like you wouldn't do the same thing. You're such a bitter troll it seems entirely likely you'd be like most humans and always want more.
There would be no need.. Again.. How much money do you need? How many steaks can you eat in one day? How many yachts does one need? Fed has made so much money, it should last him another lifetime.. At this point it should be about the love of the sport and making the fans (especially his home country happy to see him).. But nope... "Wahh.. I need another million to play in front of my home countrymen and make the, happy" .. For what????

You're type of mentality is whats wrong with the world today and why its a complete mess... GREED. THe rich just need to be richer..

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