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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
Some machines require more attention to the mains than others. Depending on the design of the clamps, some push the mains aside when clamping crosses more than others. It's hard to avoid, but, unless the strings are really grabby, the clamps are usually what cause mine to need straightening.

I use an Apex II with the 3-point clamps, and unless I'm doing a a Head T1-XX or a 18X20 on certain areas, it's not the clamps that's bowing the mains slightly. It's not an issue really since the bow is ever so slight.

Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
If you wear eye glasses, you tend to see curves in known straight objects. This is due to the eye glass lens refractions. I wear contacts most of the time, but when I'm wearing eye glasses, it's noticeable.

The only mains I have to straighten are usually the last mains, that get pushed from the clamps while working on the crosses.

As for straightening the crosses, that's what the Setting Off tool is for. It's much faster to do after stringing than during stringing. I've seen many Pro Stringers at the events use the tool after stringing and some of these guys are the fastest stringers in the World.
Don't wear glasses, so it's definitely not an illusion. I think "straight" is often subjective where strings are concerned. If you hold the racquet up and look at it straight on, the mains look fine, but if you hold it down toward the floor and view the mains from the bottom of the racquet going toward the top (almost at 45) you'll see a slight bowing of the mains. For most I imagine it's not worth their time to straighten.

Yep, very familiar with the setting off tool and it's purpose - have used it on occasion in days gone by. Nowadays when I finish the crosses only require a min or so to straighten.
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