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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
No, that's not what I wrote or implied. Never said that. Here is what I wrote.

"Its generally in the top 50 American universities(#46). In the Pac 12, it ranks behind Stanford(#6), Cal(#21), USC(Tied #24), UCLA (Tied #24)"

I personally think UCLA is overrated but it doesn't matter. I think the above numbers are close enough. I suspect if you went program by program, UCLA might have the edge in some and UW might have the edge on others. I thought the discussion had morphed into what the definition of "academically prestigious" was.

And aside from being ranked 46, it is substantially ahead of all the other pac12 schools not lsited above
What is the source for this? I checked US News and World Report and UW is #46, so maybe that is the source?

US News and World Report is mostly "input" based. See this link.


So, "input"-based is what we should look at and respect? Or "output-based"? Someone said, "Input = high school students. Output = college graduate. If you measure a schools solely by what it takes in(SAT,GPA's,ect) you are not really measuring any thing the school does, besides recruit."

I am either confused, or getting dragged in by someone who wants to argue for the sake of arguing............or both

Anyway, your most recent conclusions about UW's academic reputation, and Clark's substantive research, are reinforcing my opinion that UW is at a tennis recruiting disadvantage, academically and/or athletically, to most of its Pac-12 competition and many top programs in the South, Southeast, and even several in the Big Ten.

If Jill Hultquist is able to get one top-50 TRN each year, I think she is doing great. If she chooses to go overseas if she can't fill her quota top-50, instead of going to 4-stars in her stay competitive..... still no criticism from me.

EDIT: If you have time, maybe some readers would find it useful if you share with the Board the sources for your conclusion that UW is generally in the top-50 American universities, "input" or "output". Not a challenge, I'm cool if you don't

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