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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Most people don't actually realize this, but the stock PC600 is relatively head-heavy compared to most other traditional stick, not by much, but it's more head-heavy. Sort of like the kPS88 (I hated the balance of kPS8.

The Redondo, well that's just pretty. I'd buy it just to hang it on the wall for decoration.

Can't speak on the rest, haven't played with them.

As far as MP playing like mids? There really isn't a lot of them. MP's are MP's, and mids are mids. But if I have to make one recommendation, it'll be the Dunlop 200 series

- ~more or less the feel of a mid
- Margin of errors and forgiveness of a MP

I used the Hotmelt 200g when it came out, LOVED it. I only stopped using it because I discovered the i.Prestige Mid.
I have been looking at the 4D 200 tonight...

I had a bad experience with the 4D 300T. It vibrated a TON and had no power or spin, however it was strung pretty tight with poly...tighter than it should have been. Would that racket have vibrated less if I strung it looser? I'm guessing the 200 would have even less vibration.
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