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Becker was my idol as a kid, but I don't think he's thinking very clearly here.

Three names: Borg, Lendl, Agassi

All three of these great baseliners kicked *** and took names in serve & volley eras. If Borg could win Wimbledon against McEnroe, so could Nadal. If Lendl could take out Becker so could Djokovic. If Agassi could beat Sampras (occasionally ) then there's no reason Nadal or Djoker couldn't as well.

And as far as Fed is concerned, not only would he have held his own, he would have been top dog in any era, IMHO. But, it would have been very interesting to see him match up against Becker, Stich, Edgerg, Sampras et al. Very fun too. But to think he would have won fewer slams in the 90s than he did in the 2000s is a big reach. We'll never know, but I don't think Boris would have been very happy with Roger across the net.
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