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Originally Posted by danotje View Post
I just started venturing into shaped polys. I hit BHBR in a trial of newer polys because I thought it might be similar to the smooth one, so I'd get a 2-fer. Based on what I've read, they are very different strings. While I didn't like it's feel, the spin was substantially different for me. So much so that my pack of Silverstring (my 3rd test behind SPPP and BHBR) is still in my box of strings, and I just laced up Cyclone Tour (with reg Cyclone and BHB7 as my next 2 tests). My go to set up is Iso BL Spin which is a smooth poly, and it gets tons of spin, but it isn't quite as spinny as BHBR. So for now, I still like round polys, but my current crop of textureds might change my mind. Cyclone Tour, in particular, seems soft and lively, so I'm excited to hit with it tomorrow. Maybe I'll start my own string thread
I'd be interested to read some follow up here.
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