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Originally Posted by Prisoner of Birth View Post
Come on, Federer won his last Slam more recently than Djokovic has his. Do you seriously think 24 year-old Federer wouldn't be able to win multiple Slams right now?
Well I was astounded when I watched both Nadal, Fed and Murray at close quarters on court just how physical tennis has become. As a tennis player I cannot imagine what it must be like trying to return a shot from these new guys, Djoko and Nadal . Not just for one match but the whole tour. Federer's game plan is without doubt incredible and he is a master at negotiating the returns but it is the sheer physical and mental force that has to be endured week after week. Murray and Djoko have changed their physiques to accommodate this new approach to tennis and it is working but it is very hard work and it takes it out on the body eventually. Federer may have been fit at 24 but I doubt he would have survived.
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