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Originally Posted by Gonzo_style View Post
Can someone tell me, if Roger and many tennis fans don't like slow surface, then why did they slowed down all surfaces?
As the promoters have stated, so the fans "Get to see longer rallies".

Forgive my logic, but if Fed plays best on faster courts, and the courts have year by year have been slown, how can anyone not say that Fed, who even his critics agree is great, would not be "Greater", which they base on wins?

Let's keep it simple; If we said Nadal vs Fed on Clay who would you bet on and why?

If we bet indoor court on the older, faster surfaces, who would you bet on, Nadal vs Fed?

This is simple, I hope it doesn't devolve into this and that. With faster surfaces Fed would have won many more GS's, despite his age, so for the sake of promotion Tennis has devolved, or evolved depending on what style you like, but to change mid stream, to allow someone like Murray to be on the same page as Fed is very wrong.
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