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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
I am going to play for a week or so in much hotter conditions than normal. I am also going to train much harder/longer than normal.

Should I use a sports drink or gel? I normally drink a lot of water but people tell me that you need something more than water in a long session. I tend to sweat a lot anyway.

And if I do need to take a supplement what is best? Liquid or a gel? And which one?

I have tried Isostar and Lucozade Sport in the past but am never really sure what their different products do for you.

Grateful for your thoughts.

Be hydrated before you matches, then drink sugar soda, anything, Orange Crush, or anything, the sugar gives quick energy. Gatorade is the biggest scam of all time.

Sugar Ray Robinson, the greatest who had over 100 fights used to eat pieces of chocolate between rounds, good move....

Pro's Tennis players eat Bananas, to each their own.
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