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Originally Posted by ace10is View Post
Did you watch the final? That last match is a prime example of why he loses the majority of the BH to BH exchanges. It's also the latest video examples I give my students on the DTL, side spin, fade BH that was so key to him giving the match away. Yeah it worked for a couple of points, but let's be honest, it was extremely frustrating to watch him miss those over and over.
Did you?

Federer was overpowering Djokovic in the backhand exchanges. He lost the first set by 2 points and then blew a break lead serving for the 2nd set. Federer's weakness in that match was moving to his forehand, not his backhand.

Federer's backhand was terrible in that matches LEADING UP TO the Djokovic match, but it came alive against Djokovic.

Sometimes, I think people just talk in general terms based on what announcers say rather than actually watching how matches play out. "Oh, the announcer just talked about how Federer can't afford to get into too many cross court backhand rallies with Djokovic. Never mind that Federer is winning most of them and looks stronger off that wing than Djokovic today."
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