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Originally Posted by TheFifthSet View Post
How about some context? Duh he would be pretty good at it. He's pretty great from anywhere on the court. But TMF said he would have "a field day", which is absurd. Federer has done little to prove he would be a dominant serve and volleyer (granted he hasn't exactly been given the chance to, but still).
He has done enough to safely assume that. Sonicare is right. I just wanted to point out, that even at a VERY early age (before Federer was Federer), Federer has shown, that he has it in him (for those, who say, that it isn't natural),

The way I see it, he would have developed the same skillset, that he has now, plus more pronounced volleying skills (which he would have continued to develop).

It is a scary thought to think of such version of Federer.
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