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Default Stan Smith's adidas shoe contract...Eff You Money or Lunch Money?

Does anyone with any knowledge of how endorsement deals are put together have a rough idea of how Stan Smith's shoe deal with adidas is structured? Or estimate how much money he's earned for endorsing arguably the world's most ubiquitous tennis/casual shoe?

The adidas Stan Smith shoe is what, over 40yrs old now? And before they put Stan on the shoe tongue it was Robert Haillet's signature kicks.

Is Smith paid a simple flat fee annually? Or fee + royalties over a certain percentage of sales? Royalties only?

How much do you think Stan's earned over the lifetime of the shoe? Tens of millions of dollars? Or less than $2 million?

I've always been curious as to whether guys like Smith and Jack Kramer simply received a check in the mailbox once or twice a year.
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